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flipped/mirroed prints

Posted by Rooski 
flipped/mirroed prints
April 21, 2011 11:45PM
just got my motors and electronics working , figured id test while waiting to the extruder to get here. but i ran into a problem , and am not sure what to do.
Since im on Gen6 i use repsnapper to send gcode , but i convert the 3d model into gcode using skeinforge. when i load the gcode it shows like this.

also if i were to load the stl into repsnapper it is on the other side of the buildplate/gcode like this. This would be the correct way to print , but repsanpper doesnt convert gcode properly so i cant use it.

and this is what my print is like (it started going off the page plus i darkened some spots so you could see, also the N was too low and the belt skipped, so only problem is it being flipped and mirrored)

if i look at it from the other side(holding up to light) then the image is right.

so is skeinforge converting the gcode wrong , or would it be something in my settings , or is it repsnappers fault ? also it does this for every stl , ive tried multiple(even some off thingiverse).

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Re: flipped/mirroed prints
April 21, 2011 11:57PM
been looking at this , and i think im gonna have to flip the Y axis . going to try and post results.

yeah , flipping the y fixed it , wonder why the y axis came flipped with stock gen6 firmware?

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