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My TPU experiencesmiling smiley

Posted by n9jcv 
My TPU experiencesmiling smiley
March 29, 2018 11:10PM
My experience has been mostly printing in PLA, as I was never a big fan of ABS fumes. I have printed tens of rolls of PLA, always with good results. I use PLA from Microcenter, the Inland brand. Usually 14.99 on sale. I have no financial interest, just sharing.

Once I tried a roll of PETG, that was Hatchbox. I had nothing but trouble, stringing, zits, blobs, prints didn't complete due to print getting knocked over or head knocked out of alignment. I gave up. I will NEVER try PETG again, just too much hassle.

So it was with great trepidation that I tried TPU. I have a friend that is in need of a prosthetic finger. The plans call for PLA and TPU parts for flexibility and fit. I bought a roll of TPU (Inland from Microcenter). I came home with it and tried it. I knew I would have to slow the printer waaaay down. I would need to turn off retraction, up the temps, basic stuff like that. I tried and my first print worked for about 5 layers, then the filament began to bunch and knot in the extruder.

At this point my extruder, a direct drive, was not set up for TPU. So I figured, take the extruder apart and make some mods. I added a Teflon tube from the out side of the gear on the extruder all the way to the inlet of the clone E3D. Put it all back together. WOW, it is now working 1st print after mode completed, slow, but completed and no flaws. Looks very nice. Attached is a link to a video showing the extruder and hot end in action and a picture showing the



So for me, this has been great. I will try to speed the printer up now, it will never be as fast as PLA, but if I can get to 30mm/s that will be fine. I am ready to buy another roll in a different color. I am thinking of all kinds of flexible items I would like to print.

I hope this helps someone. Just mod your extruder and you should be fine.
Re: My TPU experiencesmiling smiley
March 30, 2018 04:26AM
Shame you got a bad start with PETG.
Admirable you trying out PTU for a good cause.

As a user of a clone E3D V6 I find your feedback valuable. Teflon tube from extruder gears and into the hotend inlet. Thanks!

PS. First thing flexible I would print would be a nice thick flexible (rubber like) mobile phone skin cover. I absolutely love those. Shame I can't find those for everything I own.

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