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How to print out a Monolithic board?

Posted by owism8 
How to print out a Monolithic board?
April 25, 2011 10:51AM
Hello All,

How do I print out the Monotronics from a company who will put all the components on it? I am willing to order 100 or 200 of them.

Please let me know which company is cheapest to print out the circuit boards (full, not just the PCcool smiley

Another question: Is mcmaster.com the cheapest to order in bulk all the metal bars,nuts,bolts, etc?

Thank you!

Re: How to print out a Monolithic board?
April 25, 2011 11:05PM
I don't know if this is the cheapest, and actually i think it is quite expensive.

here is an example website that has software you download and can have them manufacture your boards. i just did a google search


there also is [www.sunstone.com]

a word of warning with these vendors. they do not output gerber files they prevent it so you will be forced to use there service.

I think they do import them though...

i don't remember what vendor i was going to use but for 50 boards and 10 components the cost was $2200 yikes!!

another thing, if you are going to use the boards how they are designed, why not use the vender that designed them. show your appriciation and purchase from here [www.techzonecom.com]

I don't think you can have it made cheaper than you could by it from them. there are some issue with these boards, but the components on board cost 90$ themselves, then placeing the parts and thru hole mounting and connectors 2-4layers. I don't think i could make even 1 board for less than 400$

if you are willing to use an alternative called ramps, here is a vendor that will sell you the bare pcbs for 10.00$ [ultimachine.com]
This was designed by reprap to be easy and cheap to build. Everyone i talk to loves ramps, even the newbies.
the polupo stepper drivers to run the board are 8-14$ each. if you are patient you could have a working driver for reprap for under 100$

my 2 cents.... IMHO

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