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Using brim as draft shield, anybody tried it?

Posted by tmorris9 
Using brim as draft shield, anybody tried it?
April 22, 2018 07:32PM
So I print mostly ABS and I have an enclosure but still occasionally get warping off the bed (though no cracked parts since the enclosure) and I had a sudden thought, what about using a brim at a heat shield? Just make the brim as tall as the print and either 1 or 2 perimeters. I am just curious if anybody has used this and if so how well did it work?

I see Cura has an experimental draft shield but I use Simplify3D and I would think you could just set up the brim to do exactly the same thing.

Re: Using brim as draft shield, anybody tried it?
April 23, 2018 01:48AM
I've used the skirt from slic3r to build a draft shield, I'm sure that's what you meant?
The critical part is the 1st layer of the skirt. It's only single wall and in slic3r I could'nt connect it with the brim. You can make the skirt wider, but then you waste a lot of filament.
Ideal would be to define the outer perimeter of the brim as skirt and from 2nd layer on, only print this outer perimeter as draft shield.

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Re: Using brim as draft shield, anybody tried it?
April 23, 2018 08:17AM
I tried using a tall skirt as a shield for printing ABS before I had enclosed my first printer. The problem I ran into at the time was that the small footprint of the skirt didn't keep it stuck to the bed (I was using kapton in those days) and it ended up causing more problems when it broke free than it solved. Maybe you can extend the brim outward and print the skirt on top of the brim, so it would remain attached to the bed for the duration of the print. If your print is large and has straight sides it still may not work well because the single walled skirt will warp as it prints and may warp out from under the nozzle, which will then leave skirt blobs of plastic all over the print.

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Re: Using brim as draft shield, anybody tried it?
April 23, 2018 11:32AM
I've heard of a few old-timers on this forum talk about using a tall skirt as a heated chamber, I just can't remember who. This is a good case for printing upside-down, as the hot air will be trapped by the skirt rather than rising. I designed my UDIO printer to print upside-down (for other reasons), but I haven't had cause to try the tall-skirt heated chamber because I'm always printing PLA with a fan (which would blow away the hot air). And for those curious, printing upside-down works almost exactly like printing right-side-up.
Re: Using brim as draft shield, anybody tried it?
April 23, 2018 11:50PM
I tried this (not really needed on this part but just playing with it. I did 2 perimeters but I think I can get away with 1 as I have pretty good bed adhesion. I noticed that Simplify3D also has an ooze shield feature that basically does the same thing so you could use a wide brim and use the ooze shield as well. The ooze shield has a few option, one is that it curves inward if the object narrows (so it sort of follows the contour up to a settable degrees (30 standard).

So I think it's an option. Normally the only time I have an issue is with large square shapes and my normal fix is the add mouse ears to each corner but I might try this next time just to see how well it works.

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