Re: RepRep Book
June 14, 2011 07:17PM

I doubt anyone would subscribe to a physical print of this information when there is a MASSIVE amount of digital info out there.

That depends on it's contents. It would have to be something that lasts & could be used as a reference manual. Alot of people appreciate information i its physical form. And think about the whole Makerbot crowd... imo a main reason why this is so successful is because it is 'cute' and something 'collectible' besides being easy...

The other thing is that there is simply too much information, if you want an 'actual' machine you end up scraping the wiki & sites, self sourcing is too much hassle and you end up buying a kit. (I did)

I would have subscribed to such a magazine if it were available.
And I still would.

PS: A free online version is a good idea as well, why not combine the 2?
Re: RepRep Book
June 15, 2011 03:29AM
I love the magazine idea, but then again I'm addicted to magazines.

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Re: RepRep Book
June 18, 2011 05:40AM
The wiki is a mess and has no focus... a book would be ordered.. but I would add one more thing a HD collection of videos for each build part. Up close, sharp and clear... and completely free of a drunk cameraman. I have the gear for professional HD but no reprap as yet... mainly because end results are just to random... some get decent quality others do not...

so whats the secret here... maybe a book could find the right setup and technique for perfecting better 3d prints...

Let me know as some point I will do a complete builder and tweaker video series of the reprap once I have a decent one... the reprap mondo is the one I am after. The print size is huge but it lacks any videos proving its worth..

Geoffd if you want that as an addition please let me know.

Re: RepRep Book
July 02, 2011 03:20PM
Well the White ant has some more information. It also says to buy the extra stuff from Makerbot. So how much is it now? More than the advertised 590 kit price I think.
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