Program numbered amount of loops in G-code?
May 03, 2018 10:18AM

I would like my machine to produce multiple parts in series. I am experimenting with knocking the finished product off the bed and that seems to work. Here’s what I am aiming for:

Start-up code (heating nozzle, auto levelling sequence, etc)
Start loop g-code
Home sequence
Print product
Wait a minute
Push off product
Stop loop g-code and return to start loop g-code for X amount of times
Finishing code (switch off heat, home x and y, etc)

I am looking for the codes that makes the thing loop, preferably with the possibility to determine a number of loops in the setting. I have been looking at various loop g-codes, but I just don’t understand them so far.


Re: Program numbered amount of loops in G-code?
May 03, 2018 10:24AM
Hi Hugo,

I've modifed the Pronterface "start printing" routine to a selectable "automated printing" - this was meant to inject print jobs from another software per ethernet -- so Pronterface waits, until a new g-code file is in the folder, reads (deletes) and prints it ... and waits on the next ... and so on -- until the "automated" flag is reset.

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