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Bootload breadboard ATMega328 using G3 Motherboard?

Posted by AgeingHippy 
Bootload breadboard ATMega328 using G3 Motherboard?
April 29, 2011 08:50AM
Hello All

I am looking at burning the bootloader on a breadboard. Since I do not have a computer with a parallel port or a AVR programmer I have 2 options... using my USB-TTL cable and program it using bit bang mode, or using the G3 motherboard as an ISP programmer.

Now the documents I can find for using an arduino as an ISP here give some direction.

My question is whether the pins indicated on the 'ISP' arduino match the pins on the G3 motherboard (a Sanguino as opposed to arduino).

Also, is there any chance of me damaging my motherboard?

Thanks for any advice

Re: Bootload breadboard ATMega328 using G3 Motherboard?
April 29, 2011 09:32AM

sorry for the blurry image, i just took the two boards and compared them . But both icsp headers are same pin out. The direction may be different so be sure to reference pins. at least pin 1 is numbered.

as far as i understand the connection is standard. here is the atmel wiki [en.wikipedia.org]

here is a picture of the pin-out for icsp connector.

just to be sure verify pin out of sanguino here [sanguino.cc]

atmel 168/328 share same pin out other than 328 (red text) has additional pwm pins

Can this damage my device? possibly. Is it not the sense of danger that makes life exciting?

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