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Megatronics 3 with TMC2130 Help

Posted by tagmag 
Megatronics 3 with TMC2130 Help
June 05, 2018 11:29AM

i wanted to upgrade my printer with the silent stepper drivers tmc2130. I have a megatronics board v3.0 but I am having trouble connecting the data lines.
So far i connected all 4 drivers
SCK -> SCK (D52)
SDI -> MOSI (D51)
SDO -> MISO (D50)

I wanted to connect the CS lines to AUX3 D46 to D49. But in the pin_MEGATRONICS_3.h there are no lines for X_CS_PIN, Z_CS_PIN etc.
Can I just add them or does it uses the pins_RAMPS anyway when I compile?


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