Capacitive Sensor Dead
August 02, 2018 02:13AM
I have gone through 2 capacitive sensor now and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. It is going bad after about 3 ish weeks and it is stuck on triggered. I am using a voltage divider on a LJC18A3-B-Z/BX NPN sensor. I thought it was the current but I am using really high resistance resistors (40K+).
Re: Capacitive Sensor Dead
August 02, 2018 08:06AM
What voltage are to using to provide power to the LJC18A3-B-Z/BX NPN sensor.

Myself I would connect it directly to the 5V controller power. The LJC18A3-B-Z/BX NPN sensor DC6-36V should work perfectly at 5volts.

Original Inductive sensor was the SN04-N supplied direct from the factory with same voltage specs DC6-36V at 5volt used for 9 months with no viable sensor degradation,
Then upgraded to the to the Omeron TL-W3MC2 Inductive sensors Specs 12-24 volts Have been running them at 5volts for over a year with no viable sensor degradation.

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Re: Capacitive Sensor Dead
August 02, 2018 08:38PM
How sure are you that it is the sensor itself that's failing, and not broken wires? How well are the wires secured? The wires in those sensors seem to be very thin and weak, so susceprible to metal fatigue through repeated flexing. You need to secure the wire to the hotend/carriage and then feed them in with the rest of your hotend wires as a bundle.
Re: Capacitive Sensor Dead
August 02, 2018 11:38PM
I have cable strain to make sure that it is not over straining. I am using 24v to power the sensor. It is well within the range that is listed.
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