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stepper driver differencies

Posted by twinshouse 
stepper driver differencies
August 24, 2018 11:28AM
Hi Folks.
I'm new in the forum and I need your experience for explaining me strange stepstick behaviour.
I searched the WWW and the forum but have not really found valuable explanations.

I replaced a Stepstick and suddenly my motor moved way too fast or missed lot of steps.
I did not change settings in the Firmware nor changed the Jumpers for microstepping.

As far as I understand the function of a steppstick, it is "simply" switching the Motor windings according to the step & dir Input, observing the microstepping setings.
There is only the amperage of the driver to be adjusted with the setting screw.

How can it be explained that the Motor is suddenly moving way too fast and rough and missing steps?
Amperage could be a reason to me, for just moving during ramp up/down but not while constantly stepping.
Any other reasons for this behaviour?

I learned that stepper Driver with the same pinout are compatible in respect of function, aren't they?
Sorry if this is a dump question as I'm still learning digital fabrication.

Looking forward for your feedback and have a nice Weekend!
Re: stepper driver differencies
August 24, 2018 12:55PM
From your description, the micro stepping is set wrong. Check for bad solder joints on the new stepstick.
Re: stepper driver differencies
August 25, 2018 01:49AM
What exactly do you mean with 'stepstick' ? IMHO the real stepsticks are so outdated, noone uses them anymore.

If you meant ' stepper driver' in general, there are several different versions out there. They can differ a lot regarding microstepping. If you replaced an 1/128 driver with an 1/16 driver, it would try to run much faster and got 'flooded' with step-pulses it can't compute fast enough.

Some drivers even don't use jumpers but SPI-data for configuration.
Re: stepper driver differencies
August 27, 2018 02:21AM
Good morning everybody

Thanks for the replies and sorry, had my head full with other stuff this weekend.
I meant stepper driver in general.

I learned in the meantime (despite the other things I had to do this weekend), that the DRV8825 has a different microstepping and goes up to 1/32 microstepping with the same Jumper setting compared with a A4988 stick.
That is in fact as o_lampe is describing. The rest of the circuit is compatible (regarding the above Drivers).
In my case, the stepper Driver all came from the supplier and I expected to be "replaceable", but as it showed they weren't.

Now it's hard to determine the real name of the stepper Driver. It's for a Cratbot Printer we had issues with.
Some Drivers in use using the TMC2100 chip other named 6032 where I can't find any info on it in the web.
In the meantime I also found out, that some drivers from Creatbot are meant to be used for XY axis and others for ZE. Explains some possible "strange behaviour" as well.
I'm waiting for the manufacturer's answer as well, but want to understand the differencies in general.

It seems that mainly the microstepping is the real big difference. The pinouts of the A4988 is still valid for the DRV8825 Driver even though you can use improoved functions of the DRV8825 if you change your wiring and controller settings.
Looking forward for other suggestions or does someone know a comparison site reviewing the different stepper drivers on the market?

Thanks and greetings,
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