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V6 Nozzle Wiring - Preventing Shorts

Posted by plamari 
V6 Nozzle Wiring - Preventing Shorts
May 10, 2011 09:12PM

Apologies if this has been covered earlier. Was wondering if anyone had any tips for wiring a mendel-parts v6 hotend.

Have only run the v6 hotend a few times for short periods, although I have noticed after about 5mins at 190C, I have managed to short the thermomistor and resistor to the hotend. This in turn reduces the resistance across the thermocouple terminals and of course turns off the heater (which is nice) - although initially panicing as to why I have a hot end at 500C, it turns out of course that this isn't the real temperature.

Being rather flustered by this and not wanting to touch the hotend until it has fully cooled down, I have not investigated it close up. My thoughts however are that the resistor has slipped down and one of the resistor ends are now touching the hot end. Initially I had insulated everything which heaps of kapton, it clearly isn't the right long term (ie > 5mins) approach. Obviously this is a newbie mistake.

I am instead thinking that instead of focusing on the thermocouple, I make sure that the resistor is fully insulated with some teflon tubing around the resistor ends (ie I only currently have kapton that close, as I figure heat shrink tube will just melt and smell).

I was wondering if anyone had any other thoughts, tips.

For reference I am running Gen 6 electronics.


Re: V6 Nozzle Wiring - Preventing Shorts
May 11, 2011 03:23AM
Hi Peter

I use heat shrink to insulate my thermistor and (heating) resistor and thus far it seems to work verry well.
Re: V6 Nozzle Wiring - Preventing Shorts
May 11, 2011 08:42AM
I put some quiksteel on there, works fine.

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Re: V6 Nozzle Wiring - Preventing Shorts
May 11, 2011 12:20PM
I use small heat shrink (clear) tubing around the thermistor wires. I then cover those with a larger clear tube. The thermistor and power resistor are held to the heater block with three layers emergency tape stretched to moderate tightness. My power resistors are encased in an anodized aluminum shell, so there is less proximity to the other metal surfaces.

Avoid sharp bends in the wires, and shorting will be less likely.

Re: V6 Nozzle Wiring - Preventing Shorts
May 12, 2011 07:39AM
Thanks guys. Heat shrink sounds like a go then.

The emergency/rescue tape sells for about $20 for 3m here (jaycar), so I don't know if I will be looking at that just yet, but it does look pretty good.

Just for fun it looks like the lead just fell off my bead thermistor, so I have to be pretty happy with that smiling smiley
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