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Thinner Filament.

Posted by uticatechclub 
Re: Thinner Filament.
September 24, 2018 12:31AM
Sorry if I missed them in other threads (o_lampe), but what did prints look like, how often you use it, on what kind of parts.

Unfortunately the extruder to make the filament is on the same printer as the 0.8-extruder itself. I ran out off filament and would have to refit the Make-extruder again. There was no big interest in the subject back then, so I didn't print much more than proof of concept stuff.
The drive gear with shrink tube was the only issue left.
Re: Thinner Filament.
September 24, 2018 04:59AM
Anyway, buckling becomes the real killer and one has to reduce the distance from hobbgear to melt zone. This is why I don't like the E3D kind of attachment, heatbreak and heatsink that became the standard and made my own far shorter.
Here is my direct extruder. The filament path can't be much shorter. It's driven by a 1A/13Ncm NEMA17 pancake. ( forgot the exact weight )
The 28BYJ you might recon' was a fail.
[attachment 107151 2018-03-2715.46.14.jpg]

That is the standard MK8 with NEMA17. It can be slightly shorter with a geared extruder and therefore a smaller motor, NEMA14 Of course a lot lighter too. Never tried a 28BYJ as if was obvious it couldn't do the job. NEMA14 is the smaller stepper one can use.

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"A comical prototype doesn't mean a dumb idea is possible" (Thunderf00t)
Re: Thinner Filament.
September 24, 2018 07:30AM
The NEMA17 pancake with 13Ncm weights 140gr according to OMC-online. Same weight as a NEMA14 with 12.5Ncm. ( without gearbox )
It is much lighter than the standard direct drive of my Prusa i3. ( ~350gram less )
I found an interesting datasheet for it, which indicates that almost full torque is available from ~75RPM to 525RPM.
Spinning slower than 75RPM is a real 'downer'.

I also have a NEMA14 pancake with 50grams plus weight of the cycloidal gearbox. That one needs a redesign regarding bearing diameter and idler clamping.
Re: Thinner Filament.
September 24, 2018 09:24AM
This NEMA17 pancake is 200gr on Robotdigg (I don't have one to weight). It is more than the total weight of the geared extruder with a NEMA14 (l 28mm), hotend etc... I made and showed here in some thread regarding a light extruder.
The NEMA14 smaller size also allow a more compact extruder.

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"A comical prototype doesn't mean a dumb idea is possible" (Thunderf00t)
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