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brand new TevoTarantula Hotbed acting weird

Posted by Blue94 
brand new TevoTarantula Hotbed acting weird
September 24, 2018 08:47AM

I have just finished assembling my brand new TEVO Taranula printer couple hours ago.

Immediately after finishing assembly, I've noticed that the hotbed temperature sensor readout was displaying zero perpetually (should be at least room temp?) and it was impossible to heat the hotbed.
No LED would light up on the mainboard as I told the device to heat the plate.

To check the if the hotbed was actually working I have plugged it directly to 12V power supply (rather than mainboard 12V thingy).
Shortly after that the temperature sensor started reading correct temperatures, hotbed started heating up and a LED lighted up on the mainboard.

With the sensor reading accurate temperatures I have re-attached the wires to the mainboard 12V thingy again.
And what do you know - the hotbed works just as intended, getting voltage, LED lightning up and everything.

While the device works fine and I am glad, this is behaviour does not make sense to me - does any one know what is wrong with my mainboard?
Re: brand new TevoTarantula Hotbed acting weird
September 24, 2018 01:05PM
If there's no thermistor there it reads 0 as that represents infinite resistance. Maybe a loose connection or the wire has a break somewhere that connects depending how the wire is bent. If you have a digital volt meter with resistance setting you can try measuring the resistance. It should read around 100k ohm. Bend the wire at different points and see if it changes to infinity (usually displayed as 0L).

Kind regards

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