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solidy state relay in mk2 alu bed

Posted by masterviana 
solidy state relay in mk2 alu bed
September 24, 2018 11:21AM

I'm planing use to build a printer with a size 300x300 with mk2 alu heated. For that I'm planning to use a solid state replay to quicker heat the bed. My question is it possible to use solid state relay with alu mk2 bed? Should I wired for 12v or 24v? I only know many guys who have connect solid state relay using silicon heater.

This is the way of wire this circuit?

I'm also see this dc ac convert with 24v output voltage could I use this connect to AC plug and then use the 24v dc voltage?

Re: solidy state relay in mk2 alu bed
September 24, 2018 01:38PM
No you can't put mains power on a mkxxx heated bed for a number of reasons, the resistance is too low and will blow the track on the pcb / alu plate, the insulation isn't made for mains, it may lead to unsafe situations. The psu you linked to is most likely too weak depending on the resistance you needcsomething like 12-15 amps psu, but that's only for a 200x200mm heated bed. For 300x300 you'd need a 600 to 750W of power, so a silicone heater would be better and these can be powered by mains.

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