Huxley Expansion
May 16, 2011 07:44PM
Hello All,

I am thinking of doing the following.

I want to take the huxley parts, extend the rods, and basically go in reverse back to a mendel, but the Huxley has less pieces than a mendel. So would this work?

Has anyone tried this?

Thanks for your replys
Re: Huxley Expansion
May 16, 2011 08:10PM
I think you pretty much described a Prusa.

If you want to get creative on mixing breeds I suggest assembling a Prusa and use the sells mendel Z axis (pulley and belt instead of 2 steppers.)
Re: Huxley Expansion
May 16, 2011 08:14PM
Yeah that was the main reason why I dont want a prusa because of that hanging z axis. kinda unreliable by logical understanding of gravity it'll fail quick... Not industrial enough.

Awesome. Yeah I think prusa needs that Edit. Some people have issues with the hanging couple between the rod and the motors. I duno if others have also? The wiki needs some updating on that.

Thanks again.

Can someone point me towards the largest print bed area anyone has built to date?
Re: Huxley Expansion
May 17, 2011 10:02PM
I run a Prusa Mendel and have problems with the couplings, testing a design to remove them but keep the 2 motors. I dont want to down it too much, it's simple and definitely good enough to get started with and even print all your new parts if you decide to mod it.

printable build area is usually around 200mmx200mmx170mm but some get more out of it. There are parametric mendel designs that allow you to put in the size you want and it give you all the measurements. there is very little about the design that can;t be extended with longer rods. There will be a point where they aren't that stable though.

My sincere recommendation is to build one as cheaply as possible to get all the experience you need to figure out what you want t do next, this would be probably be a Prusa Mendel with the Huxley coming in 2nd.

One of the things I LOVE about the Prusa design is having fewer pieces. I'm now redesigning pieces that I think have lots of room for improvement that would be a combination of 6-8 pieces in the earlier sells mendels. I'm all for larger more complex pieces that require less assembly.
Re: Huxley Expansion
May 18, 2011 06:50AM
I currently have a huxley and really liked the way I could put it together (except for the X-axis carriage which has a weird brass tubing rubbing against the x axis rods, who designed that?)

After I get a replacement extruder hot tip (the techzone one sux and is destined to leak out the plastic thumbs down ) , I will print out another set of huxley pieces and make it have a larger print area.

IM currently also using the wades extruder which Is OK except it took me a while to figure out how I want to mount it onto my huxley (i used twist ties to tie it to one of the side rods). I think I will also print and add a spool (

Alright well, any other suggestions are appreciated.
Re: Huxley Expansion
May 18, 2011 01:14PM
I DO highly recommend the spool, it take a lot of the hassel out of the printing process, and removes potential for filament issues screwing up your print by putting torque on the extruder.

I really like the hot end the the latest adrian designs. MakerGear is really proud of their quality and they are definitely easy to get a hold of for support, their design is really simple.

I'm curious, why did you build a Huxley? I never understood the appeal of building a smaller printer.
Re: Huxley Expansion
May 18, 2011 01:31PM
Could you give me a link for the hot end?

The reason I chose huxley was first it was the cheapest kit out there to start off with. I reasoned that I would be able to make the larger printers after using this one.

The second reason I chose huxley was because I teach in school, and it would be easy to transport back and forth if I want to show a demonstration to students or even at conferences since I am developing a curriculum around it to use in middle and highschool.

No other reason really. Thank for feedback!
Re: Huxley Expansion
May 18, 2011 01:56PM
owism8 Wrote:
> Could you give me a link for the hot
> end?

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