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Flsun C Plus - any positive experiences?

Posted by Rich K. 
Flsun C Plus - any positive experiences?
January 04, 2019 12:06PM
I built a Mendel90 'sturdy' (1/2" MDF frame) back in 2013. It served me well, and I still have it, but I have found that it has limitations. First, it only has a single extruder, and I want to be able to print multiple colors/materials. Second, the 200 x 200 bed is not big enough for some of the things I want to print. I got some money for Christmas, and ran across a good deal on the Flsun C Plus, a Prusa I3 derivative with an E3D Chimaera clone hotend, 300 x 300 x 420 build area, auto leveling, and a touch screen interface, with an aluminum extrusion frame. I have read that it needs some tweaking to get it working right, but I was wondering if anyone here has had any good luck with this printer, even if it did take tweaking and mods, and if so, what tweaking and mods did it need?
Re: Flsun C Plus - any positive experiences?
January 09, 2019 08:33AM
I can’t speak for the FL Sun, but I can for the E3D Chimera. It is dual extrusion, but it is very difficult making sure both your nozzles are at the exact same height. If not, one nozzle will drag through what you have already printed and sometimes it’ll even peel up what you printed. It’s not simple to setup and use the E3D Chimera. Just a fair warning, you’ll be in for a fight to make it work properly and reliable. In my case, I switched to using the E3D cyclops with one nozzle. There are limits with that setup, but so far it’s been far superior than the E3D Chimera setup.

Some industrial machines that use two nozzles have a way to tilt the hotend one way or another which lowers and raises the nozzles to bypass the dragging issues. I’m not sure that FL Sun machine has anything additional on its X carriage to do that for the E3D Chimera.
Re: Flsun C Plus - any positive experiences?
January 09, 2019 12:22PM
The printer kit came with both the Chimaera clone, and a clone of the E3D V6, so I could go single or dual nozzle. But I REALLY like the idea of the Chimaera, since (at least in theory) I can run two different materials at two different temperatures.

In any case, the kit arrived yesterday. Initial appearances are decent - it looks like a nice kit, at least. Can't wait until I can put it together!
Re: Flsun C Plus - any positive experiences?
January 09, 2019 08:01PM
With any bit of luck your hot end will come with the nozzles aligned. You will probably need to do some fine tuning tho. I lower my Z until both nozzle tips are 0.5mm away from the bed then loosen the set screws holding in the heat breaks. With both nozzle tips resting on the bed, I slide a sheet of paper under nozzle #1 and tighten down the heat break set screw. Nozzle #2 gets 2 sheets of paper under it before the set screw gets tightened. This leaves #2 ever so slightly higher than #1. It does stand to reason that both should be perfectly level. I've been using a Chimera on a regular basis for a couple of years now with great results. Remember that ooze shields and waste towers are your friends.
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