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Newish to printing

Posted by Silverpathic 
Newish to printing
January 13, 2019 08:03AM
Hi all,
So I was out and about and found a 3d printer for 100$ inc. 3 rolls of abs. So I grabbed it like lighting. (CEL Robox) I am pretty happy with it tbh. My issue is I can't learn on it. I'm a tactile learner so I have issues understanding how it works. So I want to print and build another.
I have been looking at builds in the wiki, but I haven't been keeping up to date with them.
This is where I need assistance. (FYI I have been wandering through forum posts)
What series of a 3d printer would be a good first project to build? I wanted to get a mk3 would it be feasible to build a pursa? Where would I find the newest build files/instructions? Seems the wiki is out of date, I still want to buy a pursa (and will) and a build will help me understand them before I invest in a third.
The wiki could use a clean up lol.
Either way I thank you for reading and I hope you all have a good day.
Re: Newish to printing
January 13, 2019 01:17PM
If you like the Prusa-style Cartesian style printers there are plenty of inexpensive clone designs. (or Chinese kits if you're looking for something more straight forward)

Before taking the plunge also check out Core-XY and Delta kinematic printers so you are informed before making your decision.


All have open source designs of all variants, there are plenty of really great designs to choose from. I designed my own printer as my first build and hacked it together well enough by hand until I could print the actual pieces for it, on the printer itself. With little background in mechanical design it was a phenomenal learning experience, but not by any means cheap, fast or easy.

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