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Help Trouble Shooting

Posted by LFG 
Help Trouble Shooting
January 13, 2019 10:56PM
I have 3 custom built printers, two of which are converted Anet A8's. All three are running Ramps 1.4 boards with Mega 2560's from ZYLtech. All three are flashed with the same 1.7 build. One of the printers is working great so there is no issue with the software build.

I am heaving two separate issues with the two that aren't functioning.

1st issue on printer "Gray" is that it seems to work great but will occasionally skip steps. I think it's either a low pot voltage on the Y-axis or its due to binding in the Y axis movement. Here is the question if its a step skip would it happen all the time or just occasionally?

2nd issue is with printer "Orange". I am having issues with the Y-axis not moving back. I have tested stepper operation by moving the axis through the menu but unlike the other steppers it won't move back even though the position is dialed back down to 0. I thought it was an end stop issue so I confirm the NC stops were wired com to - and NC to S. now I'm confused. the only other thing I can think is I may have miss connected the end stop at some point and connected NC to + which I know will blow something but I don't know what the result presents as. Any comments?


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Re: Help Trouble Shooting
January 13, 2019 11:17PM
Check your endstops in firmware, using the M119 command. This tells you what the controller is seeing.

Connecting S to - with pull up enabled is normal, so it sits at 5v when the switch is electrically open and 0v when electrically closed
Connecting S to +, if pullup is enabled it will always see 5v and not work. (but shouldn't damage anything)

Shorting the + to gnd via a endstop, this normally results in a dead voltage regulator on the mega. most obvious symptom is the board doesn't power up unless USB is connected.
The regulator can just get damaged and put out the wrong voltage or not enough current, causing all sort of weird issues.

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Re: Help Trouble Shooting
January 26, 2019 02:11AM
Ok, fixed Issue 2. Turns out it was a bad connection on the end stop.

Issue one is mostly corrected but I am still getting occasional Y-axis lost steps. I have tuned the rivers and tried two different steppers. My other two printers are running the same configurations and are having no issues. I have checked and re-checked for Y-axis binding but I have not found any issues.

So, again I ask what are the common causes for lot steps/slipping layers?

Re: Help Trouble Shooting
January 26, 2019 03:54PM
Check for overheating of either the stepper or the driver. You should be able to hold your finger on both the motor and the driver heatsink.
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