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CubePro 32 bit plug-and-play controller

Posted by ryanhatfield 
CubePro 32 bit plug-and-play controller
February 11, 2019 03:50AM
Hey guys,

I'm working on a CubePro replacement controller, using the 32 bit 180 MHz Cortex M4 chip.
My goal is to be able to replace the main board and use all the existing hardware.
This kit will use all original wires and connectors so ... no soldering required.
Hopefully this can breath new life into many dormant CubePro printers!

So far, I've got the following worked out:

  • Building Merlin 2.0.x for the base system
  • 6x TMC2208 SilentSpeedStick stepper controllers (1/256th stepping!!)
  • X/Y/Z endstops
  • Controlling the built in AC relay board and heater (with separate 24v fan)
  • Original enclosure temperature sensor (MCP6H01 opamp + thermistor)
  • Using all existing wiring including the external USB ports (no I don't have USB host working yet)
  • CREE LED lighting
  • Extruder heaters
  • Extruder fans

Still to do:

  • filament detector (partially coded)
  • extruder temp sensors (not expecting issues, just haven't done it yet)
  • Front panel LCD using ILI9341 controller (LCD working in test code, need to integrate into Marlin, probably use this code)
  • encoder for each extruder (working under test code, not integrated with Marlin yet)
  • respin the PCB with a cheaper BOM in mind
  • figure out what the Bluetooth LE chip was for on the original CubePro controller board?¿

The board I'm making will be in two parts, the controller board to replace the original controller, and a second adapter board to replace the daughter board behind the extruders. The replacement extruder board is mostly so I can reuse existing wiring, as the mosfets to control the fans and the logic to detect the extruder encoders will be on the main control board. For now, I'm using a few pre-built components for my board. Any components will have headers for quick replacement / troubleshooting.

Anyways, I hope to find some interested alpha testers.
The software source code will be available but will be in an alpha state. I'm not ready to provide any kind of guaranteed support, though I will help whenever I'm able.
I will be making a short run of these boards, and was wondering if anyone wanted to buy a "parts kit" at cost.
With the PCB and the parts being in low quantities, the parts kit got a bit expensive, but for the quality of the machine I hope some of you will be interested.


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Re: CubePro 32 bit plug-and-play controller
February 11, 2019 04:06AM
The eeprom idea is not that dumb, it allows noobs to get the correct setting for the filament without having to know anything...

but requiring a eeprom to use any filament (ie locking it down) that is bad...

good luck in your endeavors.

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Re: CubePro 32 bit plug-and-play controller
February 12, 2019 11:43PM

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