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Posted by adbeale 
February 15, 2019 08:00AM
Hi there, I have a Tronxy P802m and i am having trouble with the lcd screen. It is showing nozzle temp at 268* and wont come down. I have replaced the cables and nozzle. I checked the heatbed which is fine. But it just wont print as the nozzle is cold and wont heat up. Need help if anyone can.
Re: temp
February 15, 2019 08:32AM
This is one of two things

1) a shorted cable to the hotend thermistor, unlikely since you have replaced them, but unplug the thermistor cable from the control board, the temp should change to about 0
you can also plug the hot end thermistor into the bed thermistor plug and verify the bed reads room temperature, verifying that there is nothing wrong with the hot end thermistor

2) a dead controller port... (needs a new motherboard)
Re: temp
February 15, 2019 10:56AM
It is possible you could have a solder ball of a bad trace, I have a different controller though Have experienced an open trace to the Hot-end Thermister.

It was was nearly impossible to see until I erased the silk screen using a fiberglass electronics cleaning brush on the PCB.
I merely bridged the open trace and it worked.

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