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Bed leveling help

Posted by GITRDUN 
Bed leveling help
February 23, 2019 12:13PM
I cant seem to figure out if have my XY probe offset from extruder figured right in Marlin. My setup is this. Homes out at back right which is X0 Y0. X+ goes to the left, Y+ goes forwards towards me. My probe is 53 mm to the right of the nozzle on X and 0 on Y.

Wouldnt that be X -53mm in the marlin probe offset setting?

The nozzle doesnt follow the contour of the bed properly when using auto level. Doesnt compensate enough in one area and over compensates in another.
Re: Bed leveling help
February 25, 2019 07:13AM
Seems your homing to max max. Normally 0,0 is front left. You can have the homing switches in the max, max position but you have to set the positions to the max values not zero.
This may be why its getting confused.
Re: Bed leveling help
February 25, 2019 07:54AM
If you have a I3 type machine (where bed moves front/back in Y, and the head moves left/right in X and up/dowm in Z)

X axis is backwards
If the X home is at the right this is max position, Moving X+ is not possible you would over run the endstop, X- moves left.

Y Is correct, home is at the back and is Y0, moving Y+moves the bed forward

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