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conductive ink

Posted by p0laro1dh3ad 
conductive ink
May 27, 2011 12:16PM
sorry if this has been written about already, but I'm a little pressed for time at the moment and I couldn't really find anything like this in the forum.
The point...I found a company that looks like they sell conductive ink. Not sure how much it costs, I just wanted to post this before I forgot about it.


BTW, I'm new here. I'm not building a reprap at the moment, but I am working on a laser cutter and documenting my progress on this blog: [thingsihack.wordpress.com]

lunch is over, done stealing wifi from neighboring business...back to work now.
Re: conductive ink
May 27, 2011 05:40PM
Hi, welcome! I had a quick look at your blog, good work so far. Except... isn't that laser a bit underpowered? It looks like it has a tough time cutting through paper, let alone plastic. Insert "can't fight it's way out of a paper bag" joke here. Most of the laser cutters I have seen use a laser of between 40W and 60W. Here's a good site for those kinds of build, though naturally more expensive.
Re: conductive ink
May 27, 2011 07:51PM
Thanks! I appreciate it.

You're right. The laser isn't very powerful (0.5 W), but with enough time, I'm hoping it will be able to cut through very thin wood. It's all I can really expect. At work we have two 4000 W lasers for cutting through metal. This is a far cry from that sort of machine. If I happen to stumble across enough money to buy one of those, I'd jump on it. However, I like do the "DIY" aspect of this project. I like being able to make a laser cutter out of things that can be found in the basement, hardware store, etc. It makes me hopeful that laser cutters and 3D printers will be available to large numbers of ordinary people.

When this is finished, I plan on building a 3D printer from parts cut out on this laser. I should be able to stack thin pieces of wood on top of one another and fasten them together somehow to make a complete part.

Has everyone seen the DuPont conductive ink before? I knew there was a side project involving printing circuit boards with a 3D printer. I thought "why, when it would be done with a laser jet?"
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