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Ciclops Scanners - any experience?

Posted by WesBrooks 
Ciclops Scanners - any experience?
April 08, 2019 01:39PM
As the title says I'm interested to hear any feedback from people who have used these scanners.
Re: Ciclops Scanners - any experience?
April 19, 2019 08:58PM
I just assembled ours but can not get it to work just yet. I posted on the Facebook page and was given some tips to try.
Watching some videos I see there is a second card added to the Arduino that ours don't have. Going to order it next Friday.
Tried the wizard calibration and the lasers fail. One of the comments I got was the wizard is had to pass.
Thinking of building the raspberry pi scanner too.
Re: Ciclops Scanners - any experience?
April 20, 2019 04:08AM
If you seach for 'cowtech scanner' you will find a company in the states that did a kickstarter for a scanner based on the Ciclop, but they have a good selection of support documents that would be worth reading through.

If you could give me some rough measurements that would be awesome.

Centre of the camera mount to the furthest part of the threaded bars that support the lasers.
From the endpoint measured in the last measure directly to the end point on the other arm.
Height from desk to the centre line of the lasers.
Length from the rear (electronics side) of the camera mount to the far side of the platform base.

Was going to print the stock parts but the builds are long, thinking about basing a copy on v-slot. Will of course openly share work.
Re: Ciclops Scanners - any experience?
April 22, 2019 11:21AM
Stand down! ;-)

I've pieced together the CAD from the GITHUB in FreeCAD and so can start to take measurements directly from the CAD. The angle on the laser arms seem about 30 degrees from the horizontal. Other values should be fairly easy to get.

I've spotted (but not tried - no scanner yet) a version of Horus on github that has been ported to python3. While you may not be interested in tweaking Horus if you can get it working from the python files you'll get free performance upgrades with each of the updates to the underlying modules:


Edit: As you'd expect the aim of the lasers targets an intersection at the central axis of the platform. That's enough for me to order extrusion now. Getting closer.

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