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HIPS RAFT - ABS PRINT (ABS layer separation)

Posted by Arnold 
HIPS RAFT - ABS PRINT (ABS layer separation)
May 18, 2019 02:43PM
would like to ask for something strange. When I use HIPS as the raft material and after I print on it with ABS with same nozzle.
Final print itself suffer with layer delamination. (I think I purge nozzle with enough ABS material)
I observe this only with combination HIPS-ABS. Is that normal behaviour of materials ?
Re: HIPS RAFT - ABS PRINT (ABS layer separation)
May 19, 2019 12:24AM
I doubt this is common enough to get much response. I think most people are printing without a raft these days. Even fewer are likely experimenting with dual material extrusion for rafts. Why did you decide to try this? There are lots of good choices now for build platforms that will be easy to print on without the need for rafts. If this technique is truly solving some problem for you then I would say the main thing you can do is tweak the ABS first layer temperature settings.


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Re: HIPS RAFT - ABS PRINT (ABS layer separation)
May 19, 2019 12:51AM
Hello Bryan,
actually I have not use raft till these days. Since I test it I like it. Surface finish and not worried about flat bottom. I think
some residue is kept inside nozzle and causing this with extruding different material. I will try install second nozzle to next try. If not, it would be some bad ABS brand.
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