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Working with MAC

Posted by stanleytanser 
Working with MAC
June 01, 2011 03:37AM
Hello I am in the current crusade of building my first Reprap and wanted some advice about software, I am currently working on the hardware so havent had a great chance of looking in depth in to the software side yet, my question is;
Can my reprap with gen6 electronics be used with a apple mac, or do I need to be running windows or linux?
If I can use mac osx, what are the limitations of doing do?
If you can't use mac osx, has anyone tried to do so with an emulator like wine or even parallels?
I know this is a bit of a stupid question but if anyone could give me any advice It would be much appreciated.
Re: Working with MAC
June 01, 2011 03:54AM
There are a couple of threads on the [www.mendel-parts.com] (where you got your Gen6 electronics from) about using Repraps with Apple Macs. Basically, the FTDI drivers, the Arduino/Sanguino firmware software, OpenSCAD, Skeinforge, a slightly older version of Repsnapper and ReplicatorG all work on Mac.
These programs will do to get you going, but for more software options, you could install Windows or Ubuntu (other flavours of Linux are available) in a [www.virtualbox.org] virtual machine.
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