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Looking for some feedback

Posted by Celcius1 
Looking for some feedback
June 21, 2019 08:31AM
I recently did an upgrade to my printer, I have my raspberry pi powered by a buck converter off the 12V header on my Rumba board, and i've replaced the USB link with a direct UART connection running at 1 Mega Baud. And yes i'm using octopi.

I'm doing this shortly with my new control board for my delta printer, I was wondering would people like me to put together a how to, on how to do this, you still need to use the USB to do firmware changes but only that, remember the USB serial link is limited to 250 kilo baud

I just want to know if people are interested in doing this rather useful upgrade, will take note, it reduces the RPi power consumption, as it does not need to use the power hungry USB port.

Talk Soon
Re: Looking for some feedback
June 21, 2019 08:58AM
you should always document...

I've considered a few option to try this myself, but have not got past the ideas stage.

I would guess your using a 4 bit or 8 bit parallel to serial interface
Re: Looking for some feedback
June 21, 2019 10:28AM
Nope the UART support is on 90% of reprap boards, and the RPi has the UART on the GPIO

Anything that uses a Mega 2560 has an accessible Secondary Serial port that can run much faster than the USB, Just if you need to upload firmware changes, this is still done thru the USB whereas the communication with the printer is done thru the faster UART connection.

Just with Mega 2560 a logic level shifter is needed, but on the control board being installed in my delta printer which is 32bit is running the same logic level as the RPi which is 3.3v logic so no conversion needed.

It's late here, I'll upload the howto in the morning. Its simpler than you think, and its specific to those who are using the RPi running Octoprint.
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