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Posted by Haloe 
August 29, 2019 03:52AM
Hi, everyone!
I’m a student. I really like electronic products. It’s a honor to meet everyone in this forum. I want to learn more about electronic knowledge and make more friends here. I hope we can communicate each other in the future. Looking forward to our common progress!
Re: Self-introduction
August 29, 2019 08:54AM

This is a 3D Printer forum, most of what we do here is directly related to 3D Printers, design, repair, programming, model creation, maintenance of and learning to use all to different materials.
This is not just learning electronics it is a very broad spectrum of learning and requires a lot of time an effort on those who really want to learn all there is to know.

In this new and innovative world of 3D Printers the learning may never end, as new and more insightful creations are being developed daily.

So what are you thinking of using for your first 3D Printer to use while learning this new and intriguing world of 3D Printer modeling and creation.
An how far are you planning on taking this. As a hobby or as a Professional modeler and developer.

Electronics Technician / Computer Programmer
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