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Changing FAN pins in Marlin: weird behavior

Posted by Aref 
Changing FAN pins in Marlin: weird behavior
October 06, 2019 12:59PM
Hi Guys,

I have a Zonestar ZRIBV6 board and I'm not sure what happened, but now my cooling fan is always on. What I did is switch the FAN1_PIN and FAN_PIN pins in pins_ZRIBV6 and it worked perfectly.

I am now trying to upgrade the firmware. Everything is working, except that now the cooling fan part is always on too. If I switch the pins back in the pins file, they work as expected with the hotend fan now turned off. Switching the pins causes both fans to be turned on directly after power up.

Here's my configuration in _adv file, which I never touched and is the exact same as the original fw.

#define EXTRUDER_AUTO_FAN_SPEED 255 // == full speed

The pin definitions are:

#define FAN_PIN 9
#define FAN1_PIN 6

All I am doing is switching 9 and 6. I am confused as to why it would work in the original fw and not the new one. Is there anywhere else you define fan pins?

Re: Changing FAN pins in Marlin: weird behavior
October 14, 2019 03:44AM
can you post your Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h file as well as pins.h files?

there are a lot of versions of marlin, i dont see a schematic for board. does the fan turn on even when you press board reset? in this case it possibly is wired to board to save a i/o pin on board. if fan stops when reset is pressed then it uses a i/o pin.

so find out if holding reset pin on board if fan stops working, if it does and takes 1-3 seconds after button unpressed to turn on then it uses an i/o

if the fan pin uses an i/o then upload the pins.h and both configuration files. someone will help.
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