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New to RepRap

Posted by bradleyk 
New to RepRap
June 06, 2011 07:31AM
i have been looking at 3d printing / pcb milling
could someone more experienced have a look at the parts i am getting.

Complete 1.2v RAMPS setup.

pulling apart 3-4 printers to make my first one

i own a dremel

when i get this working i will buy extruder head
and print a RepRap and the transfer the electronics into that.

am i missing anything?

how easy is it using Google Sketch-up to print objects?
and using eagle to make PCB's

thanks brad
Re: New to RepRap
June 09, 2011 11:38PM
All the files needed to print either a Mendel or a Prusa are available from the Wiki site they are in .stl format ready for converting to Gcode with something like Skeinforge

Experimenting in 3D in New Zealand
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