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3d scans from photographs

Posted by hexitex 
3d scans from photographs
June 07, 2011 04:10AM
nothing new in the concept here except the fact that it is maybe free?

new cloud based software from autodesk http://labs.autodesk.com/utilities/photo_scene_editor/
Re: 3d scans from photographs
June 07, 2011 04:40AM
This looks like a very nice method to try out downloading SW now Thank you

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Re: 3d scans from photographs
June 07, 2011 05:40AM
There's also Microsoft Photosynth, which create 3D from images and export pointclouds: [photosynth.net]
It can also stitch photos for panoramas.
I'm looking for something that can create 3D models on my own computer rather than sending potentially 100s of MB of possibly private data off to the internet. Something that leverages openCL or CUDA would be good. And can import video, which could potentially have many more frames of information, and be quicker to capture objects - though you could do this by exporting a movie as individual frames.
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