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NeoPixel LED ocotpi control

Posted by Benjnz 
NeoPixel LED ocotpi control
November 29, 2019 11:23AM
I have tried to wire up Neopixel-like strip to my octopi run Rasberry Pi using the Enclosure plugin. However I cannot get it to even turn on when connecting the anode/cathode to a usb power supply... any ideas?
Re: NeoPixel LED ocotpi control
November 29, 2019 07:09PM

not all led strips are the same..

You talk about anode/cathode but neopixels doesn't have these... (not externally anyways)
Neopixels does have a +5v and a gnd... but since they are individually addressable you need a controller to make them do anything.

How about some information on your Leds, where did you get it from, Perhaps a URL so we can find out what it is and what it requires. Or clear pictures.

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Re: NeoPixel LED ocotpi control
December 03, 2019 03:44PM
I also tried using the enclosure plugin, I could not get anything to work. I followed this guide and got the NeoPixel to work right off my SKR.
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