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Electronics + LCD works only few times

Posted by amnesialocal 
Electronics + LCD works only few times
February 22, 2020 09:34AM
Dear all,

I am really desperate.
I have re-assembled my prusa i3 mendel after some time and I have several problems to make it works.
From time to time everything thing is work and other time ( the mayority) it doesn't.

I can't really understand the problem but the LCD is not working lot of the time and suddenly it start working.
I thought the problem was the LCD so I bought a new one, but anything changed.
The LCD works or not both with pc USB connection or plug electric connector, so it doesn't seems a problem related with this.

Does someone had the same problem?
Could someone advice about it?
Is there in London some place or community to address directly this problem?

Ant help would be very appreciated.

I am looking forward to hearing from you


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