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Extruder Stops (Not Clogged Nozzle)

Posted by Davecast 
Extruder Stops (Not Clogged Nozzle)
April 02, 2020 12:35PM
I have 10 Creality printers...... (3) of them randomly stop Extruding! - (1) Ender 3 - (2) CR10 S5

- Not a clogged nozzle
- Swapped Stepper Motor (both just warm)
- Swapped Controller
- Swapped Power Unit
- Wiggled every wire possible
- Contacted Creality.... no help!

Does anyone have any idea what could be the issue?
Re: Extruder Stops (Not Clogged Nozzle)
April 06, 2020 09:19AM
it is possible current is set to high. the drivers have a. built in over temp circuit that powers down the device until it cools off.

this is only one of many issues that are possible. an indicator of overheating is often random pausing of stepper driver.

is there a way to adjust driver current for the extruder?
Re: Extruder Stops (Not Clogged Nozzle)
April 06, 2020 09:38PM
I don't see a Potentiatometer on the Mother Board to adjust..... there is voltage regulator adjustment on the power supply?
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