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Can my 3D touch be saved?

Posted by witor 
Can my 3D touch be saved?
May 21, 2020 03:44PM
After installing my 3D touch worked just fine, I didn't use it too much because shortly after installation I ran it into the bed and the plastic pin got bent. I bent it back and it appeared to be straight, but mesh bed leveling was failing quite often. I thought that the manged was not strong enough and that the pin was falling down so (I know. I am an idiot) I filed the top of the pin just a tiny bit (maybe 0.1mm). Since then 3D touch became unusable. when i try to deploy the pin it goes down and then immediately goes up. If I try to home z axis 3D touch jumps down and up few times and homing fails because probe doesn't stay down. If pin does stay down (occasionally) then homing works just fine. Any movement of the x axis also causes pin to vibrate producing annoying noise, which was not happening before.

Is buying a new one the only option or Is there anything that I could try to fix it? Any marlin tweaks that could help?
Re: Can my 3D touch be saved?
May 23, 2020 12:38PM
Hope this might help someone....

To take my 3D touch off the printer I cut through the tape securing the wire. This allowed me to disconnect the connector on 3d touch. After putting everything back together my 3d Touch became very unreliable (probing failing very often).

I think that the problem was linked to the poor connection after I plugged the connector back to 3d Touch. After plugging it properly (this connector can not really be trusted...) and securing the wires with a zip tie it looks like my 3d Touch is back to life. I have also reduced probing speed to 2mm/s

I just completed G48 with 50 repetitions and I got no failed probings and this results:

Mean: -0.151400 Min: -0.160 Max: -0.137 Range: 0.023
Standard Deviation: 0.005781

Will think about increasing probing speed again...

I wonder what sort of probing speeds people are using with 3d Touch
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