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Posted by GITRDUN 
June 08, 2020 09:54PM
Im stumped trying to print suports with PVA. I know this material is notorious for absorbing moisture but im not sure thats the culprit of my issues. Im using Monoprice PVA, or at least trying to. The material prints great but if you retract at all the material smooshes at the bottom of the hot end and jams when it tries to advance after retracting. Ive tried as low as 165C and as hot as 240C temps, same problem no matter the temp. Ive tried extreme long retractions and as low as .5mm, same problem. Tried 3 different hot ends and all have same problem. Used a Makerbot MK8 hot end type, an E3D V6 clone with the PTFE liner and an all metal V6 clone. If i manually push filament into the nozzle by hand it extrudes fine and as soon as i back the filament up even a micron it jams imediately. If i do not retract at all it seems to do ok. But it oozes all over the place as the other nozzle is printing. What am i doing wrong?

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June 10, 2020 03:58PM
Well i ended up just swapping the PVA for standard PLA and using a heat gun to soften the PLA to remove it. I cant believe how well this works. I just hit with the heat gun on low setting for maybe 5~10 seconds and the PLA support just peels right off by hand like a piece of soft rubber. I printed the ABS on top of the PLA with 0 air gap. Even using the PLA to support holes and inner model support works great, it softens and pulls right out with a little heat. I dont know why this isnt common practice by now.
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