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Part Cooling

Posted by PDBeal 
Part Cooling
June 11, 2020 08:47AM
So I'm looking at designing a new part cooling for my hotend. But looking at this, it started me wonder. When designing a part cooling piece, what's more important? Air Pressure at the nozzle? Air Flow? Air Volume? I know the whole argument between a fan and a blower, and I'm already planning to use a blower. But I'm conflicted if I need to narrow the exit down, open the area on the nozzle up, hit it from multiple sides and this is what started me thinking what's more important in terms of Air Flow, Air Pressure, Air Volume, etc...

I'm not worried about the nozzle temp ad it's under a silicon sock, and even if the temp drops 1-2 degrees with the part cooling the Duet PID compensates pretty quickly.
Re: Part Cooling
June 11, 2020 09:25AM
As far as the cooling of entire parts I can claim no knowledge whatsoever; cooling on one part stopped it from distorting while a similar part warps badly if cooled.

I do however have one observation that seems to hold up to test: Cooling the filament slightly immediately after it has been laid down helps to keep fine detail. This can be done with a circular air nozzle or a "Berd Ring" to drop the temperature of the plastic within a few millimeters of deposition - the airflow does not need to be much and certainly should not be enough to noticeably cool the hotend nozzle. This technique seems to be as useful for ABS as for PLA and does not seem to be detrimental to Nylon.

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