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Exoslide used in a CoreXY are binding?

Posted by dlc60 
Exoslide used in a CoreXY are binding?
August 23, 2020 11:36PM
I am using Exoslides for a CoreXY home-grown project.
Each "glider" uses three Exoslides.
The Exoslide creator says that you need to mount the "load" on the center slide of a three-sided slide, other wise use four.
I violate that rule on two out of three of the slides - Maybe, what is considered to be the load? The slide with the belt pulleys or the side that is attached to the extrusion on which the other axis is mounted?
On my system, I have the hot end mounted to a side slider because I can't have a bottom slider, it would interfere with the hot end mount too much.
On my "outside" sliders that hold the other axis extrusion (are there jargon words for the slides that hold the bar that has the other slide axis?), one has the pulleys mounted on the middle slide, the other has the pulleys on a side slider. I had 9 sliders and mounted in this manner to get the two ends to align better.

Now my current status. I have checked my idler pulleys and my stepper pulleys and they are free and non-binding. My CoreXY belts are very much parallel to their travel in all axes, including being consistent in the Z axis as well. The steppers are adequately powered and my belts are of sufficient tension that under "normal" conditions no skipping occurs. I have done the Exoslide wheel surface upgrade on all wheels. My frame is square, the carried-extrusion holding the hot-end is aligned with both ends the same distance from the rail at the end stops.

And now my problem. Every so often, and ALWAYS in the X axis, the axis that rides on the outer rails and carries the Y axis bar, will jam. This in turns causes a gods awful "gronching" sound and I will get a layer shift. This ONLY happens when I have a model where a long traverse is made in the X axis. If I orient the model to put the long traverse in the Y axis, I do not get the jam. Therefore it appears that something is binding in the X axis.
Could it be violating the 3-vs-4 sliders and the location of the "load".
What qualifies as the "load"? The side with the pulleys or belt attachments, or the side holding the hot end or the extrusion on which the hot-end rides?
Should I just get two more exoslides and make my outer carriages "full boxes"?

I have gone through my system with a fine-toothed comb and I cannot figure out what is causing this. This is the very last thing I am considering (the Exosliders) as the cause of the intermittent binding and layer shift. Any other ideas?

be well,

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