Homing - Endstops problem
October 19, 2020 01:21AM
Hello everyone,

I m about to set up my printer and experience a problem, it is about the homing.

For example, the axis / any axis of the three is positioned somewhere but not at the endstop or course. Next I want to home the axis, but what happens is that sometimes it actually works and sometimes it is like the endstop is already triggered but the axis is not at its home position.

Can anyone follow me problem? I want that the homing is working as it should be / everytime.


Re: Homing - Endstops problem
October 19, 2020 01:45AM
... first, you have to define/find the pin numbers and correct connection.

"false" triggering can be caused by EMI-interference ("├╝bersprechen" in German) for long, not proper shielded cables ... espacially with the low voltage levels of 5V (or even 3.3V with some boads).

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Re: Homing - Endstops problem
October 19, 2020 07:51AM
I found that the end-stop switches had intermittent connections under the shrink wrap, on my new 3D Printer.

To Fix I removed the shrink wrap re-soldered the connections then replaced the shrink wrap.
You can test the end-stop using the code M119

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