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Need advice on best board upgrade for Ender 5 Plus

Posted by Recoil1980 
Need advice on best board upgrade for Ender 5 Plus
December 22, 2020 12:26PM
I replaced the original Creality board in my Ender 5 Plus with a Big Tree Tech SKR 1.4 Turbo. I do not know what happened, but suddenly after 3 weeks the board quit connecting to the TFT screen and OctoPrint. After a discussion with BTT's support, I determined the board (somehow) was fried. I could not place blame on the company as I could not determine if it was a manufacturing issue or if I unintentionally did something wrong, so I bought a new $35 SKR 1.4 Turbo and flashed with the same version of Marlin, and everything started working (again...)

It has been yet another 3 weeks and I went to flash the board with firmware changes, but for some reason the SD card will not read any of the SD cards I have, neither to flash the firmware or print from the card. I found several posts online where others have suddenly ran into this problem and have had to return the board for a replacement.

I am just not happy with BTT's boards with all these issues, so I wanted to reach out and get some recommendations on other 32 bit board options that would be compatible with this printer. I'm not entirely sure which board options I have right now.
Re: Need advice on best board upgrade for Ender 5 Plus
December 23, 2020 02:28AM
The new Duet 3 Mini would be a good match. It's available in WiFi and Ethernet versions. A few Duet3D resellers have them already, and more will have them next month.

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