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Using E3D PT100 amp on Creality 2.2 mainboard

Posted by nmw01223 
Using E3D PT100 amp on Creality 2.2 mainboard
January 13, 2021 05:38AM
I am looking to fit a PT100 hotend temperature sensor (from E3D) to my Sovol SV01, which has the Creality 2.2 mainboard, running CopterTec Marlin E3D have a small amplifier board that requires 0V, 5V and 0-5V signal connection to the mainboard.

I notice that the mainboard appears to have two pinned out spare inputs A11 and A12, each with three pins, so assuming they are analog one of those looks possible. I am assuming these are 0V, 5V and 0-5V signal in, but I cannot find any proof of this on the internet.

Can anyone confirm if they are indeed spare inputs as I surmise, and that Marlin can be configured to use one of those?

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