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What to buy?

Posted by Davek0974 
What to buy?
January 27, 2021 05:34AM
Hi all,

Been off for a long time - i was active on the Ormerod back in the day, had a Mk1 and many will probably remember me as the guy that made the CNC aluminium print bed supports and X-arm kits for it winking smiley

I'm thinking of getting back into 3d just for fun, i'm retired now and miss my CNC machines smiling smiley

Is there a recommendation for a kit 3d printer that is pretty much guaranteed to work well - the Ormerod was ok but was very choosy - i guess things have moved on since then??

Budget would be about £500 including a supply of filament to play with

There seems to be an endless choice now - anything really good to go for??

Any advice appreciated,

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Another RS Ormerod Mk1 meets the world smiling smiley

Retired now but I used to make....
CNC Machined Mk1 aluminium bed support plates for the Ormerod
CNC machined X-plates and ribs for Mk1 & Mk2 Ormerods
CNC machined bed support arms for the Mk2 Ormerod.
Dual Hot-End heatsink blocks.
Re: What to buy?
January 30, 2021 01:58PM
FDM, TronXY X5sa offers best volume and potentially highest printing speed. Although this probably limited by controller, extruder and motor drivers. Auto level sometimes bundled, usually not.,

There is now extra 20% VAT on orders from EU - payable on delivery (thanks to Brexit).

Later Voron also I hear nice things about.

Resin, you are looking at a Chinese kit. I have no experience at all with them.

One way to save money on a 32 bit Duet controller is to use Klipper and a Raspi Pi to drive an 8 bit controller board with nice board drivers. The snag is you often lose out on an sdRAM and display (everything done through a web browser nterface with the Pi over Wifi or network connection).

Apart from that, not too much is different. They're still quite temperamental and fussy.

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