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Closing the feedback loop 'consciously'

Posted by usertogo 
Closing the feedback loop 'consciously'
February 02, 2021 06:32PM
If you ever thought about what consciousness even is, you might have come across the idea that it implies knowing what is out there and responding appropriately...
For example if you want to fill a glass with water from a jar - it helps to see where the glass is, when you reach the point the water starts flowing and when the glass is as full as you wish. Imagine you wanted to do that while you had no light, no hearing, and no hands to feel your way around...

Regrettably that is how 3D printing is supposed to work... You just assume that things are as expected and that there is an operator to intervene if necessary...
Ok there is a fully closed loop as far as the build plate and hot end temperature are concerned...
I am thinking and investigating about other ways to add 'consciousness' to the process, and imagine that it will save tons of wasted material and energy...
What I am thinking about for example:
- evaluating the stepper effort => could we get the signal to noise ratio up to recognize if there is resistance such as the build plate or contours previously printed (Trinamic drivers?)
- optical evaluation could recognize 'air printing' if a part lost adhesion and cancel further printing of the lost object (ESP32-Cam?)
- accelerometer in the head in order to learn to avoid unwanted patterns in the print or when obstacles are hit
- listen: for example my extruder skips steps if I am down on the Z too much
- AI magic: feed all available data to neuronal nets and train on sucessful outcome

Note: this are ideas in their early conception stage that I am investigating. Ideally we can work on this together and it will become a normal to the new firmwares we may design.

Please contribute if you know something or have further ideas...
Thank you!

P.S. I am new here have two printers and a few own designs work in progress
My designs on Thingyverse...
Re: measure filament pressure ->feedback 'conscious'
February 27, 2021 06:45AM
I realized one of the best attack vectors is to measure with how much force the filament is pushed into the hot end! After all you all may have noticed (heard) extruders skipping steps if the distance to the bed or a previously printed surface was too small. I suspect that by means of a strain gauge or piezo disc a printed element that connects the hot end and the extruder can be equiped to offer information that could probably be analyzed and give an indication weather one is printing in thin air (for example after a bed adhesion issue allowed the printed object to move) or it could also totally replace any bed level sensing!
Of course this is a project I need everybodies help with as it will require lots of experimentation and work on firmwares etc...
Thanks for participating!

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