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Skr 1.3 reboot on long distance (Marlin)

Posted by ScornInPC 
Skr 1.3 reboot on long distance (Marlin)
February 18, 2021 08:13AM
Hello all!

I'm facing a problem that's i not found nothing on forum

When I run 10mm, its all ok, from 3 axies. But when I send run more than 20mm, on +/- 16mm the borard reboot (this occur only on X and Y)

That's not psu, because i have changed for others and now i'm using 12v 350w psu

Z axis are the only thats work. I can move 100mm with no problem. So, i decided plug X on Z header board, and X work now. I done the same with Y, and all works on Y port. So I supose that motor, driver, cables and PSU are ok

I'm using SKR 1.3 board, div268n (tb6600) driver, Toshiba Stepper Motor, and Marlin the git last version

I'm using this schematic

The only stranger thing, is that default TB6600 pulse width on Marlin is 3. But here work only with 38 or more, so i changed:

 * Minimum stepper driver pulse width (in ┬Ás)
 *   0 : Smallest possible width the MCU can produce, compatible with TMC2xxx drivers
 *   0 : Minimum 500ns for LV8729, adjusted in stepper.h
 *   1 : Minimum for A4988 and A5984 stepper drivers
 *   2 : Minimum for DRV8825 stepper drivers
 *   3 : Minimum for TB6600 stepper drivers
 *  30 : Minimum for TB6560 stepper drivers
 * Override the default value based on the driver type set in Configuration.h.

And some poor pictures: imgur

So I dont know what can I try, i've done all, revise all Marlin config, but nothing wrong.

So the questions:

1 - There is a way to test if my skr has something burned or has someting wrong?

2 - Can I use someother firmware to test if this is Marlin problem? what firmware can I put for test?

3 - Any advise or tip that can I revise?
Re: Skr 1.3 reboot on long distance (Marlin)
February 20, 2021 01:06PM
Ok, I move from skr to an arduino, with teacup. I wire only the steppers, and its look great. all works fine

so now i have confirmation that isn't my drivers and motors

I only need to know if it's a firmware bed config or my board

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