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Splicing Z-motor wires?

Posted by Rook 
Splicing Z-motor wires?
June 24, 2011 10:01AM
Apologies in advance, this is a complete newbie question, but I'm new to splicing wires so I'd like to make sure I get this right. smiling smiley

The Gen6 board has a connection point for one Z motor, but the Prusa has two motors. I have some Nema17 motors of identical specification with Molex connectors. I don't have a terminal block or a soldering iron, but I do have some completely insulated crimp connectors (like this: [cgi.ebay.co.uk]), so I was hoping the following method may suffice to connect both Z motors to the board:

1. Cut the Molex connectors off the two Z motors, and strip the ends of the wires.
2. Put two matching wires (one from each Z motor) in one end of an insulated connector, and put the same wire for the stripped end of the Molex plug in the opposite side of the crimp connector. Apply crimping pliers. Repeat the process using four insulated crimp connectors (that's one for each wire colour).
3. Finally, plug the Molex connector into the Gen6 board, and hopefully power the two Z motors.

Does the above splicing method sound OK? Would the motors be able to draw the correct amount of electricity needed without damaging anything?

Re: Splicing Z-motor wires?
June 24, 2011 10:34AM
I would make a splitter/combiner instead of cutting the molex connectors from your motors. This way, your motors will still be interchangeable between the other axes and the extruder. Just buy two Molex receptacles and one Molex plug and wire them up together.
Re: Splicing Z-motor wires?
June 24, 2011 11:57AM
I did it the way you suggested and it works OK for me. I'm using RAMPS though. A plus side to this is that I was able to use the unused molex connector for the hotend/bed thermistors.
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