spi 1.3" oled re-arm help needed
March 24, 2021 04:24PM
I've been trying to connect my 7 pin 1.3"spi oled to my re-arm board but I've not been having much success i have looked at the marlin pins files but i don't see the required defines. any help will be much apricated

Thanks Nikki
Re: spi 1.3" oled re-arm help needed
March 25, 2021 10:21PM
I would start by looking at what is already supported in configuration.h file in terms of controllers;-


Does it have an encoder as well as display? That would explain why it's got 7 pins.
Re: spi 1.3" oled re-arm help needed
March 29, 2021 06:27PM
SPI OLED's are currently not supported by Marlin for Re-ARM boards AFAIK.

It has to be done by hand ; needs some tweaking in Configuration.h (OLED controller chip, needed for u8glib constructor) and board pins file.

It is just about assigning SPI pins to EXP1 and EXP2 headers (DC/CS/RST/SDA/SCL). You need the pinout and the pins header file for your board. Beware that some boards have reversed headers, can be confusing !

Yes, 7 pins = bare 1.3" OLED chinese module. See here for the BTT SKR 1.4 and 1.5 (quick and dirty but tested good) : [reprap.org]

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