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Textured Bed Quick Release

Posted by rq3 
Textured Bed Quick Release
June 29, 2021 06:37PM
I have found that my textured Anycubic Ultrabase Pro bed will instantly release a new print if I apply a few drops of isopropyl alcohol to the edges of the print. The alcohol wicks under the print through the textured bed surface, and you can pop it off right away. A quick wipe, and you're ready to print again, without waiting for the bed to cool and re-heat, plus the bed is clean.

This works for me with PLA and PETG on a 60C bed. I would NOT do this on a hotter bed (like 100C for ABS), as that is above the boiling point of the alcohol!

I suspect that this technique might work for any textured bed, in which the alcohol can wick through the small channels in the bed surface, but take NO responsibility if you try this and destroy your printer, or burn your house down, or have any other bad experiences.

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