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Shrinking PLA parts?

Posted by Navin_R_Johnson 
Shrinking PLA parts?
August 11, 2021 06:11PM
Quick and to the point, I printed about 5-6 holders for lock cylinders. After initial print the lock cores had a nice snug slip fit but, after a few months the cores fit so tight I need a lot of force to push them in and out. One of them even needed to be cut off to get the core out.

Has anyone run into similar issues? Would something other than PLA be a better choice for expansion/contraction after printed?

I'm redesigning my holders to make them more compliant and flex in the right spots but, I have a project in the works that will need to retain accurate dim's.
Re: Shrinking PLA parts?
August 11, 2021 06:45PM
... some of the filaments are loosing or gaining moisture or "optimize" the molecular bonds by releasing internal stresses ... so should be common when prezise enough measured -- or when used in "snug fittings" ...

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