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Why don't clocks scale with distance or steps?

Posted by aquabook 
Why don't clocks scale with distance or steps?
September 23, 2021 04:09PM
I am trying to calculate the number of steps taken per second but when I logged the debugging data, it didn't quite make sense. I captured data in incremental steps of 10mm and this is what I got

Starting from X=0 in each case

    Steps = 800
    Clocks = 300000

    Steps = 1600
    Clocks = 500000

    Steps = 2400
    Clocks = 700000

We can see that the number of steps are being scaled according to the distance but why isn't the number of clocks scaled accordingly? Hence why is the no of steps per second different for a simple linear move?
Re: Why don't clocks scale with distance or steps?
October 27, 2021 08:44PM

Between X=10 and X=20, and between X=20 and X=30, you have (200,000 Clocks)/(800 Steps) = 250 Clocks/Step. So after you reach X=10, your speed is constant.
Before you reach X=10, there is acceleration, which is why the average speed is lower, at (300,000 Clocks)/(800 Steps) = 375 Clocks/Step.

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