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Custom Firmware Build

Posted by jreinke10 
Custom Firmware Build
December 13, 2021 08:36PM
Hello all!

I'm a MechE who has been working on printers for the last 7 years but have never touched the software/firmware side too much other than some basic post slice G-code modifications. I'm attempting to make firmware for a custom machine with Duet Boards that does more than just print and I know will require me to establish other axis and a lot more than the standard Reprap Wizard does.

So... Obviously, a slicer turns models into g-code which is then interpreted by the microcontroller and turned into movements. However, for this custom machine, I of course do not want to modify the g-code every time I use it so can one use ONLY g-code in the firmware setup in the .config files to build out a completely new firmware for a custom machine like I'm trying to do?

If not what is the best way to approach this firmware build. Thanks everyone!
Re: Custom Firmware Build
December 13, 2021 09:41PM
RepRap Firmware that runs on Duet boards can accommodate different mechanical behaviors. You have to define the motion mathematically and then make some changes to the firmware to use the new definition that you created. You should search and ask about this on the Duet forums.

M669 is used to select/define kinematics

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Re: Custom Firmware Build
December 16, 2021 11:32AM
I am not sure I understand totally what you are trying to do here. Either you are trying to do a printer with extra features capable of printing many different models, or a dedicated machine to make one item only.

If it's more like the latter, you might want to look at Klipper as an alternative firmware development package.

Might be easier if you want to end up with a graphical front end on a PC that you change with a mouse and keyboard. Also gives you greater choice of controllers. Duets are not cheap.

(My wild ass guess is a custom topping pizza maker but I think that's already a product).
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