PETPull, PETBOT making filament in home
March 25, 2022 04:49AM
PETPull, PETBOT making filament in home

Good afternoon, an idea came up to implement a printer control board in a plastic bottle recycling machine.
Based on the PetPull-2 by Sapienz machine [] and a power supply from a computer

Here are some ideas:
1. Assemble according to the scheme (arduino nano + 1602 + nema 17) []

2. Controller and stepper motor [] and [] and and printer control board for temperature and fan control,

3. Use only a board from a 3D printer, but in the marlin code you need to modify the mode.
3.1 After that it will be possible to control 4 motors, 2 fans and 2 heaters.
3.2 What I encountered.
3.3) There is a limited print area in the code. The motor will not run beyond these values.
3.4) It is possible to transfer g code directly to the board via a PC, the motor will work out this code (example G0 X-100), BUT the board is not controlled when the code is processed. When you change the code and send it to a memory card (example G0 X-100 G0 X-100 G0 X-100 G0 X-100, etc.), the motor stops, I don’t know for what reason, apparently the area interferes.
3.5) In the Configuration_adv code, there is an item #define CUSTOM_MENU_MAIN and #define CUSTOM_MENU_CONFIG, I added the G0 X -100 codes again, the printer processes them, but does not respond to commands, after that it freezes
3.6) Add a speed selection mode to the custom menu with further encoder control from the home page screen. Or, through the custom menu, enable a special mode for making plastic.

As a result:
How can you make marlin work with the motor for a long time and in the process control the temperature and speed of the engine in real time in 3 modification.
Add the code, using the position sensor of the extreme point 0, at the end of the thread manufacturing process. It can be used to tension the thread during the pulling process, a strong tension keeps the contact.
There are probably those who change boards as an update, boards that are idle can be adapted for new purposes, this is an idea to reduce waste using what is at hand.
open | download - 1.jpg (52.1 KB)
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Re: PETPull, PETBOT making filament in home
March 25, 2022 05:35AM
PETPULL modification witout software. []
Re: PETPull, PETBOT making filament in home
May 05, 2022 01:34AM
I had been working on this for a while.
I came across some helpful libraries and ideas scouring old posts.
Here is some code I came up with. You may have to tweak your thermistor and hardware, I deviated a little since I had to write my own. I am able to change speed and temp with buttons.
I got myself an IR thermometer so I could double check my temp.
Stune is what I used to set the values for the AutoPID.
Good luck.
open | download - stune.ino (3.2 KB)
open | download - MotorControlwithLibandDisplay.ino (4.9 KB)
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